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I traveled to Stockholm to sightsee and indulge my Strange passion for herring and Schnapps . the national drink which comes in many flavours including cumin (Kummel) delicious but strong in alcohol ,maybe that is why alcohol sales are managed by state run off licenses.

The city is broken up into a series of islands but is easy to navigate and has a good public transport system so nothing is too far away it is filled with good restaurants Traditional Swedish fare and some great modern ones too,
The Swedish all seem to speak English as a second language and I did not meet anyone in the three days I was there that did not speak some so language is not an issue.
A good place to start your introduction to Swedish food is bakfican A great little restaurant attached to the opera house a simple horseshoe shaped bar where you perch on tall stools and eat from the daily changing specials including herring in its many forms maybe elk steak and of course Swedish meatballs a good atmosphere abounds due to the happy customers who appear to be mostly locals having a quick lunch, what better recommendation.
The restaurant is well situated close to the old town the river and the vasamuseet which is a must see it houses the vasa the ship that sunk on its maiden voyage in 1628 , in calm water it rolled over and sank into the mud
The river is fresh water so this played a major part in the preservation of the ship..
The Vasa was excavated in 1956 and after 17 years of preservation work
It went on show and 1990 the current building opened to the public.

The old town is a dash of colour the buildings are painted earthy hues ,
Which complemented the blue skies that I enjoyed on my visit.

Stuerhof Is a a contemporary Brassiere with interesting Swedish cuisine I enjoyed herrings in many styles elk steak with cranberries, and the classic cloudberries and ice cream.
To experience Smorgasbord the grand hotel is a good choice first class service in opulent surroundings and a table groaning under the weight of food available for this traditional Swedish style buffet just help yourself to as much as you like for one price.
Meat balls salmon smoked elk jansson`s temptation smoked herring and much more, a good way to experience a first class hotel without staying there.

Stockholm boasts a modern art museum wonderful stylish shopping, glass and furniture are notable for their boldness and fresh approach, great food,
Reasonably priced hotels and the friendly English speaking Population.
Even if you are not driven by the thought of herring a visit to Stockholm is a great experience go soon.

And just in case the Swedish for herring is siil.!

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