“Who will win 2015 the worlds fifty best?”

only one more day to find out .
There seems to be some negative publicity generated by occupy 50 Best which it seems to have been dealt with diplomatically by the worlds 50 best regarding copyright infringement .
their grievances seem to be levelled at the judging process, also sexism due the lack of women listed. and they think that the judging process is opaque.
From my point of view they can only critique as is their right.

The worlds 50 generates enormous excitement every year promotes the food industry, talented chefs, travel to counties less often visited, and of course raises the profiles of the sponsors.
everybody benefits  even restaurants not listed who want to be,They work harder to achieve that goal the customer benefits .
The judging panel is made up of industry professionals food writers bloggers and diners that seems to be a good and fair mix of people who understand and are able to have a valid opinion.

Massimo Bottura is my Guess this year or maybe even ………